Who, What and Why ?


My name is Madhavi Amaravadi (Mrs.M) and I am a science teacher at Scott High School, Madison,WV.  I have my Masters in Science with Anatomy and Physiology as major and Bachelors in Education.

I have passion for teaching and taught in various capacities in different countries.In the last 20 years of my teaching , science and technology has evolved a lot. My constant effort is to incorporate the developing technologies into my teaching and make learning easy.

I have developed this site to augment classroom learning, which serves as a resource for the students of Biology, Chemistry and Human Anatomy on the major topics. The goal of this site is to act as bridge between high school learning and college expectations in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Medicine and allied subjects. In future I will be updating the site with more content on additional insights.

This site in addition, supplements class room learning with suitable lab investigations. It also enhances the creativity in students while constructing models of different anatomical structures and chemical compounds. 

The resources in the site are aligned to common core standards and next generation standards of WV Board of Education. It is designed for the requirements of students of Scott High School, Madison, WV, though other students may also benefit from the resources included here.

Any questions or comments please contact: amaravadimrs.m@gmail.com